Pharmaceutical Biology

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Dr. Karin von Schwarzenberg

Dr. Karin von Schwarzenberg

Group Leader


University of Munich
Department of Pharmacy - Center for Drug Research
Pharmaceutical Biology
Butenandtstr. 5-13
81377 Munich

Office: B 4.013

Phone: +49-89-2180-77165
Fax: +49-89-2180-77170


Archazolid is a myxobacterial compound inhibiting the function of the v-ATPase, a proton pump responsible for pH regulation throughout most eukaryotic cells. It is found to be overexpressed in a variety of tumor cells correlating with the treatment resistance of these cells. The aim of this project is to analyze the mechanisms leading to archazolid-induced apoptosis and growth inhibition of highly metastatic tumor cells and to characterize the role of v-ATPase in these processes.

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