Pharmaceutical Biology

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Dr. Simone Moser

Dr. Simone Moser

Group Leader


University of Munich
Department of Pharmacy - Center for Drug Research
Pharmaceutical Biology
Butenandtstr. 5-13
81377 Munich

Office: B 4.079

Phone: +49-89-2180-77175
Fax: +49-89-2180-77170


Plant Metabolites

The degradation of the green plant pigment chlorophyll is a phenomenon that results in the beautiful colors observed in autumn and is also visible during fruit ripening. The metabolites that are yielded from the breakdown path – the phyllobilins – represent a surprisingly little explored class of natural products despite the facts that they are (i) ubiquitous in nature and (ii) part of human nutrition. Exploratory studies have pointed towards interesting properties of phyllobilins, e.g. they were shown to have antioxidant properties. Our aim is to investigate the physiological roles of phyllobilins as components of human nutrition in the prevention and treatment of cancer. 


Group members

Patricia Frei

Christian Elvert



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